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St. Kieran Catholic School
63 Years of Teaching God's Children

St. Kieran Catholic School Admission Consideration Process

Thank you for visiting our St. Kieran website. Please review our prospective student enrollment and admission information.

If you are interested in enrolling your child, please review the criteria for prospective students. There is a two-part admission consideration process:

  1. Complete the new family inquiry form.
  2. Submit the documents directly specified in the admission criteria section.

Upon review of the documents, an interview will take place with the prospective new family and principal.

The following criteria will be taken into consideration as part of the admission process:

  1. Participation in Sacraments Appropriate to Age/Grade
  2. A Review of the Prospective Student's History of Academic and Citizenship School Records
  3. Review of Placement Screening Survey

Please note, the application is only completed once approval of admission has been granted.